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Casa Cisneros

Casa Cisneros

Offering: Full House, Two Bedrooms, Air Conditioning and heat


This larger house has a large common area, as well as a full kitchen.  There are two bedrooms, one with queen bed and the other with two individual beds.  This house is only five minutes walking to the canyon.  More beds can be arranged by request.  

Casa Guiterrez

Offering: Full House

This smaller house looks straight at the North face of El Toro where Sendero Luminoso the famous difficult lies.  The house has one bedroom and a kitchen.  It's location is a five minute walk to the canyon on the left side of the road.  The bedroom has two individual beds.  The price is $60 per night.  For reservations of more then 5 days receive a free Carne Asada welcome barbecue.

$70 USD per night

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